Smoking banned from Bavarian restaurants and school districts
a wise decision by politicians?

From the medical point of view, the debate about nicotine consumption and its effects on people’s health was going like this a couple of years ago:
„It can be proved by serious statistics, that smoking may endanger people’s health enormously. Not only active smokers are running the risk of getting fatal diseases like cancer but also passive smokers are harmed when being forced to inhale nicotine (cancer is featured with a pathological growth of human cells). As a consequence, official public facilities and restaurants, e.g., are to be (should be) provided (equipped) with special non-smoking sections as it has been usual on trains for many decades.“
So a couple of years ago, politicians established new environment-friendly laws which forbid smoking in restaurants, inside school districts and other public authorities. Since the beginning of the smoking ban discussions have not stopped focusing on the question if (whether) such a ban is useful or effective and apt to diminish the negative effects of nicotine consumption among our communities and towns.
It can often be heard by headmasters arguing that all the smoke endangering people’s health successfully has been banned from all the school areas inside the school districts. The same can be said about restaurants. So all the people spending many hours inside such public facilities or authorities are no longer exposed to nicotine and smoke – that’s definitely true.

Has the number of smokers been reduced drastically by the new environment-friendly laws?
It’s hard to say. Passive smokers will enjoy the non-smoking areas around – with their lungs being no longer harmed through „aggressive smokers“.
On the other hand, we should not forget immensely big disadvantages going back to the new laws which cause a lot of trouble and psychological burden for people who were not harmed to such great extents before, janitors at schools fed up with being degraded and tired of getting humiliated as living waste paper baskets or neighbours living next to restaurants‘ entrances with being disturbed not only by „the rests of half smoked cigarettes“ but also by the noise of smokers chatting loudly next to restaurants‘ entrances till shortly before midnight.

These are disturbances many makers of those new paragraphs may have not considered too much. It’s people’s lack of thought and egocentric behaviour causing a lot of pain and so it’s not just the environmentalists getting called upon but humans‘ social solidarity and regard. …

Walter Leder