A further project to deal with in our English lessons at the FOS Pfennigparade Munich is Violence in our civilisation.
Bowling for Columbine turned out to become the first documentary getting an OSCAR in the seventy-five-year-old history of the Academy Awards.

One remarkable scene at the beginning of the film shows that in Texas, e.g., those customers to open a bank account are given an extra present in the form of a rifle. That very scene was to become the basis of innumerable demands pleading for stricter gun laws – especially after the horrible AMOK events of Columbine in the U.S.A. and other places of the western world.

In the U.S. it has statistically been proved that those weapons, bought to protect people’s homes and castles against potential enemies from outside, in many cases have turned out to get directed against family members in times of psychological crises or tensions inside the walls protecting people’s apartments or houses what is not only characteristic of the land of never ending opportunities.

Banning guns officially by order of the state may be one step forward to decrease acts of violence effectively but it’s certainly not the only one which is relevant in this context.

Parents – and kindergartens, schools, training workshops etc., they are all being challenged to make positive contributions trying to build up a society of peaceful coexistence featured with helpfulness and solidarity: Responsible politicians, businessmen, employers and those being involved with educational projects – including the pupils themselves – may work on supporting the interactive processes necessary to get unemployment rates decreased drastically. Since certain makers among the world of the media dominated by the Internet won’t change their dirty games of profit, however, it’s up to us consumers to use the media in a sensitive and reasonable way.


text & painting by jam (Walter Leder)