Another project we were working on in our English lessons was Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s available on Video offering some opportunities of dealing with the social background of that famous American Short Story more intensively.

Holly Goolightly, the main character in Truman Capote’s „Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, got married to a veterinary surgeon at the age of something about fifteen. Her husband was more than 20 years older. Being tired of an idyllic life to share with a relatively old partner in the country, she moved to New York City – and, without any monetary means and in lack of any adequate education, she wanted to climb the social ladder in order to get blessed by the positive effects of social mobility. So she became the ‚Pretty Woman of the Sixties‘ in New York City.
The upper richest high snobiety big business white collar gentlemen made use of her professional services. Being ever so naive and stubborn at the same time, she didn’t even notice to be misused as reporting link in the drug scene.
A young man, living next door to Holly in a Manhattan block of flats, anything else but extremely successful as writer and author, seriously falls in love with her, wanting to keep her away from walking-on-thin-ice. Happy end finally – after lots of interludes.
Walter Leder