Leitkulturen? … anderswo …

We also worked on a couple of symbols and metaphors American sociologists use to make common features, differences and discrepancies among the U.S. population, civilisation and society more obvious and transparent.
The expression or metaphor SALAD BOWL may be apt to describe the fact that the U.S. is featured with lots of different nationalities whose representatives are keen on keeping their own characteristic traditions, values and customs of their respective mother countries alive.
They want their children not to forget where their forefathers had come from. They are always clinging to living standards of their own ethnic values – before getting too much integrated into business categories of American way of life and principles of Western civilisation.
Think of the Red Indians‘ environmental message, e.g.: WE DO NOT INHERIT THE EARTH FROM OUR ANCESTORS, WE BORROW IT FROM OUR CHILDREN.
According to our Western business categories, we can do with our heritage whatever we want to. But the globe, the earth in which we are living, does not belong to us, we do not possess it. We should preserve our energy resources and natural surroundings, our environment for future generations and shouldn’t behave as if we had a second world available in our cellars.
The MELTING POT, however, focuses on the attempt to assimilate different cultures to the American way of life, to the principles of the Western world of American civilisation.

Walter Leder