In the CARTOON we can see two fishermen (who are) standing in the waters of the ocean near the beach – the location obviously is situated at a seaside resort with the beach completely covered by sun parasols.
What is strange about the picture is the fact that both fishermen have cast their fishing rods aimed at the beach umbrellas – they didn’t choose the normal way to get their catches of the day in the waters.
There are several topical messages involved in the cartoon:
From an environmental point of view one might argue that both fishermen must have decided for themselves not to fish in the water any longer – they know the sea is too much polluted with chemical poisonous stuffs – they only would get poisoned (toxic) catches of the day they would not be able to offer on the fish market successfully.
According to the fishermen’s provocative statement (Damn! – another lawyer.) one might argue that lawyers – and the respective paragraphs they represent – have repeatedly tried to prevent (hinder) the fishermen from getting their daily catches in an alternative way – namely from mass tourists who just want … to enjoy their holidays.


Interpretation: W. Leder


Cartoon: “Damn! – feels like another lawyer.”
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